Gary Feltham

Gary Feltham stands as a distinguished technology leader and the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at CityPay, where his strategic vision and technical prowess have been instrumental in developing the company’s robust and secure processing infrastructure. With an extensive career focused on crafting financial web services and applications across the UK and Australia, Gary’s depth of knowledge in adhering to contemporary security protocols is unmatched. Since his start at CityPay in 2002, he has spearheaded the company’s technological transformation, transitioning its card processing networks and services to cutting-edge cloud architectures, thereby reinforcing its operational efficiency and scalability.

As a fervent advocate for open-source solutions and an early adopter of cloud technologies, Gary has ensured that CityPay’s core infrastructure is at the forefront of leveraging cloud enterprise services. Before his impactful  journey at CityPay, Gary was at the helm of a successful web development venture, where he applied his extensive enterprise-level development expertise to create client-centric web systems. These systems were renowned for their innovation and reliability, serving a wide array of clients and further solidifying Gary’s reputation in the tech community.

Beyond his technical achievements, Gary’s career is also highlighted by his remarkable synthesis of technical skill and creative talent. An accomplished musician and sound technologist, he has contributed to the recording industry in his early career, producing a number of albums and fostering talent in the recording studio. His academic foundation in Sound Technology underscores his adaptability and dedication to excellence across various fields. Gary’s unique journey from the creative world of music production to leading technological innovation in fintech demonstrates a professional who not only excels in his domain but also deeply understands the nuances of client and developer experiences.