Ioana Dobre

As the Finance Manager and Company Secretary for CityPay, Ioana Dobre plays a vital role in developing and implementing the company’s financial and compliance strategy.   Her responsibilities encompass the meticulous day-to-day management of CityPay’s billing, accounting and client Escrow accounts, ensuring the utmost precision and integrity in every transaction.

Ioana’s expertise in finance is rooted in her academic background, with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from the prestigious University of Galati in Romania. This strong foundation in economic principles has equipped her with the skills necessary to navigate the complex financial landscape of CityPay as a FinTech company.

In her dual role as the Company Secretary, Ioana’s versatility comes to the fore, blending governance with financial acumen. Her role is pivotal in aligning CityPay’s financial strategies with regulatory requirements and organisational goals, making her an indispensable part of the CityPay team.